Repair and Replacement

Men@Work Exhausts are specialists in repairing or replacing your standard exhaust system, catalytic converter, muffler or resonator to keep your car running smoothly and compliant with required statutes

Custom made Extractors

With our years of experience in design we have the capability and capacity to design custom extractors for your car be it a vintage model to the latest exotics where the owner demands quality, performance and sound

Custom Designed Exhausts

A complete design service for exhaust systems is available. We have the experience to fully understand the flow dynamics of exhausts, including X-Pipe design and muffler design. Flow rates from supercharged or turbocharged cars to a standard system to just make it sound amazing are part of our services. We use materials according to budget  from mild steel , aluminised steel , 409 stainless and 304 polished or brushed stainless